The Lens Remote Control is Operated Entirely by Touchscreen Gestures

 - Jan 30, 2013
References: studioblog.designaffairs
You can forget everything that you've learned about "input" and "menu" buttons on ordinary channel changers. The Lens Remote Control might seem to give you no functions to go on; in reality, it actually requires you to familiarize yourself with a new set of cues that take better advantage of those opposable thumbs.

The Designaffairs Studio product is black, rectangular, glossy and otherwise featureless. It doesn't offer you volume or station controls, in the way that you'd recognize them. To use the device, you slide your finger up and down its sides and surface, you shake it, you flip it, you turn it and you tap it. Each of these Lens Remote Control commands will enable you to interact with your hi-tech TV more intuitively, allowing you to engage in a seamless multimedia experience.