The Leica Telescope H1 Trades Dials and Buttons to Be Beautifully Sleek

 - Mar 13, 2014
References: sasoham & yankodesign
This fresh concept for the Leica Telescope H1 suits the contemporary taste. It used to be that gadgets with plenty of buttons succeeded to impress, but nowadays the less is more principle is favored, in terms of aesthetics and interaction.

Sasoham Studio worked to streamline the Leica binoculars in a way that is atypical of the brand's products. Most obviously, you will see one dial and one button, enabling you to easily figure out where your fingertips are meant to rest. The multitude of hi-tech functions of these magnifying peepers are accessible by interacting with the minimalist controls. What actually looks like a back-to-the-basics design would supposedly do a brilliant job of responding to simple commands with complex functions that would have the Leica Telescope H1 blow your mind.