Leeroy Jenkins Viral Turns into a Creative Cinematic Short Fim

 - May 31, 2012
References: youtube & creativecriminals
The Leeroy Jenkins debacle that went viral on the Internet has been rendered into a dramatic cinematic short film.

The viral video started from the video game World of Warcraft when a player and a group of friends were hustling and getting ready to enter a battle zone. All of a sudden, the itchy foot gamer rushes into the fight screaming "Leeroy Jenkins" while his teammates are waiting to fight together. From then on, this hilarious act became known as 'Leeroy Jenkins.'

In a promo video from the Worldwide Short Film Festival, director Finn O'Hara comically depicts the Leeroy Jenkins incident into a theatrical short film. This adaptation version by O'Hara is set in a bank robbery scheme filmed at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Here, Leeroy Jenkins runs into a bank as a robber while his crew watches his solo and unpredicted act.