Lee Griggs Animates Mesmerizing Topographies Using 3D Rendering Software

 - Aug 27, 2014
References: leegriggs & thisiscolossal
These beautiful 3D topography renderings created by Lee Griggs look like something you would find on the ocean floor. The stunning creations are full of vivid colors found in nature. Based out of Madrid, the artist specializes in 3D art forms.

These illustrations were made using three dimensional animation and rendering software such as Maya Xgen and Arnold. To create images that look like not just ocean floors, but weather patterns and bacterial growth, Lee Griggs used a lot of cubes, cylinders and spheres in each piece. These shapes were then colored and carefully placed to get the right 3D effect.

The artist also uploads 3D rendering tutorials on his blog, specifically guiding people through the use of Arnold.