The LED Shade Lamp is a Light Bulbless Illuminator

 - May 7, 2011
References: yankodesign
Designer Peter Bristol is attempting to bankrupt the light bulb manufacturing industry with his LED Shade Lamp. The LED Shade Lamp is a lamp that gets its light from its shade. How wacky is that?

The LED Shade Lamp illuminates with the LED lights mounted into its shade. The little LEDs light up, providing a surprisingly substantial amount of light. The design is quite brilliant and I am honestly surprised as to why it has not been done sooner. The minimalist styling is sure to excite modern design fans, and the eco-friendly undertones (no light bulb, less waste) are sure to get the vote of the green team. Talk is cheap, so check out the LED Shade Lamp here and decide for yourself just how great a lamp with no light bulb truly is.