The Lumilixe LED Lounge Chair is the Perfect Modern Lounger

 - Jan 23, 2014
The gorgeous Lumiluxe LED lounge chair combines art, customization and technology into a stunning product of immense quality.

The world’s first and only "light conducting acrylic glass furniture," Lumiluxe can be customized to order in an endless amount of design possibilities to meet your specific needs and desires. Simple, elegant and modern, this LED lounge chair is "battery charged with LED lights that beam flat through the lounge chair" and can produce up to 16 million different colors. Don’t worry about accidentally spilling any liquids on it either, The Lumiluxe LED lounge chair is waterproof.

Perfect for outdoor pool parties, the Lumiluxe LED lounge chair by BeMOSS truly lives up to the company’s slogan: Live. Light. Lounge.