LED Freerunning Sets the City Aglow with Electric Lights

 - Dec 4, 2012
References: youtube & theawesomer
Electrifying the sport of freerunning, Jason Paul, Shaun Wood and Anan Anwar, or the Light Emitting Dudes, bring more light to the Bangkok city streets with their LED Freerunning.

Dressed in body suits interwoven with LED lights, the three light up the night by running around the streets, performing stunts, flips and twists as they interact with the city landscape and jump from one rooftop to another. Their parkour-styled moves are electrified with red, blue and green lights, creating a temporary light show in the air as they stream past at break-neck speeds.

LED Freerunning is an extremely dynamic way to bring performance art to the masses, and the Light Emitting Dudes add a futuristic flair.