The Flyte LED Bulb Design Creatively Floats in Midair

 - Jan 7, 2016
References: & blessthisstuff
The Flyte Levitating Light design features a creative LED bulb that has the ability to float in midair thanks to magnetic pulls that allow the bulb to levitate. The contemporary light offers a modern day take on the incandesent bulb created by Thomas Edison that prides the bulb's design as the main aesthetic focal point, rather than the lamp or shade.

As hovering become a growing focal point in tech and transportation, the Flyte Levitating Light is an example of this in the design world. The incandescent bulb is made of glass showcasing the wire mechanism inside the light. The light is fitted with a magnetic base that works in conjunction with a plank that sits on a surface and creates a magnetic pull that allows the bulb to float.

The Flyte bulb is available exclusively through the Museum of Modern Art Store in New York City.