The Leaf Smartphone Concept is Nature-Inspired for Comfort Handling

 - Jan 8, 2013
References: rvanhauwere.deviantart
There is no particular reason for mobile phones to be made in rectangular shapes, except where it concerns the ease of mass manufacturing. The Leaf Smartphone is probably much more effective to operate than your more typical handset, in part because it's a great deal more ergonomic to hold.

You can clutch Robrecht Vanhauwere's divinely designed device in one hand comfortably with its curved sides contoured by your folding palm. This way, your thumb has a broader range of motion for typing and scrolling. Meanwhile, the lanceolate leaf shape offers unique possibilities for a gaming gadget. Once it's turned horizontal, its two tips can accommodate sensitive joystick buttons that remain removed from the sizable playing surface. The Leaf Smartphone can be gripped lightly and easily for your optimal dexterity.