The Lawrence Argent Leap Creation Creatively Invades Space

 - Nov 6, 2011
References: lawrenceargent & mymodernmet
Lawrence Argent's Leap is the latest sculpture by the famous American artist. Argent is known for creating gigantic artistic figures that usually never pass unnoticed because of their magnificent size.

This gigantic red rabbit is 56-feet-long and costs a whopping $800,000 to make. Leap consists of a 10,000-pound aluminum rodent that seems to be taking a big plunge inside the building. The artist explains in SF Examiner, "I wanted to play around with the idea that something has come from the outside and leapt into the building...Scale, position, all had something to do with becoming one with the architecture and not a separate entity." This piece brings color and dynamism to the rigidity of the building; additionally, it brings art to public spaces.

Lawrence Argent's Leap enhances spaces and adds fantasy to real life.