'Last Man Standing' Brings Style to Casual Dress

"Just because it's shorts and swimsuit season, that doesn't mean you can't stand tall in style," is the message behind 'Last Man Standing,'and it goes to show that fashion is as much about showing your own flesh as it is about flaunting tailored fabrics.

Jake Andrews can be seen amidst a rough rural setting, traversing dirt roads, leaning on fences and generally absorbing the rugged beauty of his surroundings. In much the same way, the male model exposes his own natural characteristics, pictured predominantly with a bare chest, and sporting very short shorts.

Although casual swimwear, denim bottoms, singlets and windbreakers make up the entirety of this dude's wardrobe, an emphasis remains on his embrace of physical aesthetics. 'Last Man Standing' by the Riker Brothers gives Rage Magazine some confident masculine attitude.