The Laser Unprinter Removes Ink from the Page to Leave a Clean Slate

 - Mar 20, 2012
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A group of Cambridge University students have created a laser unprinter that removes ink from a page rather than depositing it onto a page.

The device uses lasers to remove toner from the previously printed-on paper by beaming a green laser onto it. The light from the laser is absorbed by the toner and then disperses, leaving a fresh sheet ready to be reused. 

Manufacturing paper is incredibly expensive and harmful to the environment and the exhaust from production of the product dumps millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide into the air every year.

While recycling paper is a great way to cut back on the environmental footprint paper manufacturing leaves, being able to reuse every sheet of paper from home with a laser unprinter would save a lot more trees. Not to mention, it would save many people the hassle of replenishing printer paper and getting stuck without a fresh sheet while a looming deadline approaches.

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