Lely EV Robotic Feed Pusher Keeps Cattle Fed & Contented

 - Apr 25, 2009   Updated: Jul 18 2011
References: lely & fwi
Lely celebrated its 60th anniversary by adding a product to its range of robotic dairy equipment--the Juno automatic feed pusher.

With the company concentrating its efforts on providing automated solutions to feeding tasks, the spaceship-shaped Juno is the first in a series of products aimed at this market.

Lely says the €12,000 machine offers four benefits: It saves labor, improves animal welfare, increases dry matter intakes, and produces less feed waste.

Implications - All I know is that having a robot working on a farm is totally rad and I would not hesitate to get one of these mega machines to work on my own farm, if I owned one of course.