'La Table du Marché' is a New Plant-Based Dining Concept

'La Table du Marché' is the name of a a new pop-up vegan dining concept that is set to be opened in July by chef Christophe Leroy and Pamela Anderson.

The atmosphere of La Table du Marché in Saint-Tropez, France, promises to be sensual, romantic, festive and glamorous, complete with a champagne bar and magical decor. Diners can definitely expect to be dazzled at the upscale vegan dining experience, as Leroy is known as the organizer of the famous Nuit Blanche.

While there are a slew of plant-based products that are being introduced across multiple industries, there are still plenty of gaps in the market when it comes to the creation of high-end vegan food products and dining experiences, as well as cosmetics and clothing that appeal to affluent consumers.