'Kyor' Relieves the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

 - Jul 9, 2018
References: christhursfield & yankodesign
Spending endless hours each day on a computer can quickly develop into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so the conceptual 'Kyor' physiotherapy system has been developed to help users stave off the negative effects of technology use. Designed by Chris Thursfield, the system works by being placed on your workstation and offering a way to decrease the pressure that can be placed on the Median nerve after periods of intensive typing. The unit will provide non-invasive treatment that works in an upstream manner by tracking how your nerves and tendons are responding to your work to remind you to perform treatments to alleviate pressure and fluid buildup throughout the day.

The 'Kyor' physiotherapy system identifies what can be done to provide targeted relief for digital professionals as the instance of tech-related injuries persist.