The New Kyle Thompson Photography Series is Both Eerie and Nostalgic

Kyle Thompson photography is known for its dream-like visuals. This comes from his use of subdued color palettes that bring a vintage feel, as well as his incorporation of components that appear starkly out of place.

For example, one of the young Chicago-born creative's pieces depicts a man laying on a pile of grass and weeds, while he's framed by floral wallpaper that communicates to the viewer that he's inside. In another, a man sits on a retro sofa with an exhausted expression and body language instantly evident. The home he's in is meanwhile filled with water, which he seems to have given up dealing with based on how carelessly his feet dangle into the murky shallows.

Many other pieces found within the latest Kyle Thompson photography series do much of the same, making for poetic pictures that are situated in a slightly dystopic realm.