The Kumo Baby Crib by Sora Design is Inspired by Nature

 - Jan 23, 2013
References: yankodesign
Although inspired by nature, people may at first mistake the Kumo Baby Crib for being modeled after the Rice Terraces in the Philippines. The tiered surface that dips down into a sloping valley bring to mind the lush 'steps' of such planes. Nevertheless, it was influenced by the various shapes clouds take on. The fluid form offers the perfect home for slumbering newborns.

Designed by Sora Design, the Kumo Baby Crib is very simple aside from the tiered details. That is appropriate considering it was given a Japanese name. Fashioned out of a natural-looking material, the Kumo Baby Crib will bring a gentle vibe into nurseries. It even has the option of being hung on ropes, which are then attached to the ceiling to further the soothing quality as well as the cloud theme.