The KUGL Lighting System Functions More as a "Flexture" than a Fixture

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: & yankodesign
The designation of "light fixture" is hardly applicable to the KUGL lighting system that operates as a remarkably mobile set of individual illuminators. There are several occasions and activities that require a source of bright rays to be up close and accurately angled. These little guys are the gadgets for those jobs and plenty of others.

The small spherical capsules contain lightbulbs and incorporate teeny tiny switches. They're designed to be plucked from their charging docks and carried around the house. Magnets embedded in the backs of the eyeball-like devices enable them to be stuck to any metal surface and oriented appropriately. Braces made for Adrian Gogl's KUGL light globes can also allow them to take more established positions or even be integrated into accessories like headgear.