These Recent Paintings by Kris Knight are Subtle and Sweet

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: krisknight & bldgwlf
The 'Lost and Found' exhibit by Toronto-based painter Kris Knight consists of several remarkable, subdued portraits and is currently on display in Amsterdam.

The intimate images have a warm quality to them, the faces of each subject almost entirely porcelain in color, except for pink cheeks and lips, as if they are each in the cold. Most of these paintings by Kris Knight include detailed eye-masks of lace or even snowflakes, and the pale porcelain quality of the skin gives each subject an air of innocence. The collection also includes a particularly intriguing painting of a boy carrying another on his shoulders, with the top covering the others eyes, which is an interesting extension of the theme of masks.

In addition to shows currently in galleries in Toronto and Amsterdam, Canadian Kris Knight also has an exhibit in Miami.