The 'Korea -- Korea' Series Contrasts Public Scenes in North and South Korea

 - May 9, 2014
References: shop.gestalten & featureshoot
German photographer Dieter Leistner's 'Korea -- Korea' photo series provides a fascinating and eye-opening comparison between typical public scenes in Pyongyang and Seoul, the capital cities of highly controlled, rigid and mysterious North Korea and ultra-modern, liberal South Korea respectively.

Leistner secured special permission to capture photos on Pyongyang, and contrasts them with photos of South Korea to present the divide between the two societies. Each photo of Pyongyang is paired with a corresponding photo of a similar public space in Seoul. For example, there are paired photos of streets, public transport and important public buildings.

'Korea -- Korea' has a special meaning to Leistner, who grew up in then-divided Germany, which was split into West and East Germany.