Kool Multi-Grater Has Three Sides for a Trio of Ingredient Treatments

 - Feb 14, 2014
References: kool.hk
Many cooks will tell you that food preparation implements like shredders can still benefit from some ingenuity. The Kool Multi-Grater presents another solution to an item that is often rather awkward to utilize. The Hong Kong-based has come up with a design that seems to combine existing products like the stand-up grater and the handheld version.

This vegetable and cheese grater integrates three metal panels with cowled perforations of different sizes, enabling you to prepare your recipe ingredients with strips of your preferred width. Nylon casing keeps the plates in place and a slip-proof rubber handle affords a good grasp. The Kool Multi-Grater can be gripped in the right or the left hand and pressed against a dish or a countertop for support. Most significantly, it can be used in the air and angled over a bowl so that you don't have to make use of countertop space.