KOAR 'kBones' Use Bone Conduction for Music Without Ear Plugs

 - Jul 26, 2016
References: koar & thenextweb
The KOAR 'kBone' all-weather Bluetooth headset is a potential boon for safety-conscious exercisers.

Music is a great way to ease the stress and intensity of an intense cycling or jogging session, but ear buds and over-the-ear headphones also block out sounds from the surrounding environment. Without those aural cues, it can be far harder for exercisers to tell when danger is approaching, be that in the form of a car, a bicycle, or anything else.

The KOAR kBone uses bone conduction technology to send sound vibrations directly to bones around a consumer's head, meaning that they can hear music without having to cover their ears. Sounds from the environment can still come in while the consumer simultaneously stays entertained by their music, making exercising a safer and more enjoyable experience.