The Kite Rack by A & B Spreads itself Thin to Perform Two Tasks

 - Nov 29, 2011
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The Kite rack by A&B is beautifully thin and graceful, so much so that it's quite surprising how so little material can boast the ability to serve two purposes.

Two bent sheets of lacquered metal have been manipulated into identical forms and fixed together as mirror images of each other. Carving a rigid plane horizontally with subtle upturned edges, the lovely ledge is the perfect place to store scarves, hats, garments and miscellaneous knickknacks with the assurance that they will not slip over the sides.

Below the winsome wingspan of the mantle there is a slot cut perpendicular to the wall. With this, the Kite rack by Asshoff & Brogard conveniently welcomes coat hangers to be hooked. It would be brilliant for bedrooms and small front foyers.