'Can I Fly A Kite?' Answers the Most Pressing Question

 - Jul 11, 2016
References: caniflyakite & producthunt
Kite flying is emblematic of simple, pastoral idylls and afternoons of leisure, not of the fast-paced world of tech and big data. But for the avid kite-flyers out there, 'Can I Fly A Kite?' puts a wealth of digital data to good use by answering whether or not weather conditions are adequate for sending up a paper dove.

The kite flying website, developed by kite-lover Dylan Grinberg, gets to the point quickly. Users either enter their ZIP or postal code into the engine and click "CHECK," or they use the automatic "LOCATE" button and the site analyzes available weather information to assess wind speed in that area. Then, with almost snarky brevity, the site brings up a single word answer: "Yes," "Maybe" or "No." Beneath, it outlines where it believes you are and what the reported wind speed is at that location.