This Kitchen Treaty Grilled Cheese is Full-Loaded with Fromage

 - Oct 6, 2012
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For those craving ridiculously cheesy goodness, the Kitchen Treaty Grilled Cheese is one way to satisfy the individual desire for dairy. While traditional grilled cheese sandwiches feature only cheddar cheese, this panini offers cheese-lovers an alternative to the age-old classic. Constructed in a sandwich form, this recipe gains inspiration and ingredients from white pizza. Traditional white pizza boasts savory ingredients including garlic, olive oil, cheese -- mozzarella, Parmesan and ricotta -- and herbs.

Imagine all of these ingredients packed between two pieces of home-style bread and you've got the makings of this Kitchen Treaty Grilled Cheese. Allow the flavors to develop by combining all the ingredients to marinade before spreading it on two pieces of buttery bread. If you consider yourself a fan of cheese, carbs and fresh herbs, this panini will forever hold a special place in your heart -- and your stomach.