‘Kidults' by Marcin Cecko

 - Apr 23, 2009   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: pozytyw.blog.pl & likecool
'Kidults' is a captivating photography series by Marcin Cecko that introduces a creepy fusion of kids and adults.

These kidults seem to be kids that have grown into adults in the head but have maintained the body and height of a kid, which makes for an amusing concept.

The Kidlets images were done for Machina Magazine.

Hailing from Poland, Marcin Cecko's resume includes big names such as Renault, MasterCard, Nescafe, Vanity Fair, MTV Polska, and Coca-Cola.

Implications - Childhood is a time in many peoples' lives in which they cherish their memories the most. As such, any and all products that mimic this time in our lives, or the process of growing up, will always remain nostalgic. Nostalgia in itself creates a longing that consumers will go to great lengths to recreate.