Kickstarter's Quickstarter Highlights Fun Ideas & Experiments

Kickstarter's Quickstarter introduces a new way for ideators to introduce fun, smaller format projects to the crowdfunding platform.

The idea for Quickstarter came from London-based designer Oscar Lhermitte, who takes on big and small projects alike, but finds the small ones to be "inherently beautiful because they are simple and manageable."

Some of the rules for creating a Quickstarter project include short planning times, setting up a campaign for under 20 days and funding goals under $1,000. Creators will be challenged to push their creativity by making the campaign video in a day, only offering rewards to backers under $50 and holding back on placing paid ads on social media. Some of the Quickstarter projects that have already launched include everything from postcards and virtual desktop tools to stickers and webcam covers.