The KeyFlip Keeps Essential Keys Compact and Easily At-Hand

 - Jan 30, 2013
References: kickstarter & coolmaterial
Keychains can get big and bulky with excess stuff and too many keys, which is where the KeyFlip can come in handy by completely doing away with all the extra stuff. The clever device hinges all the keys in the enclosure onto a convenient bar that allows them to be accessed seamlessly.

What’s more, the KeyFlip gets rid of all the unnecessary clutter including metallic key rings, keychains and other useless junk, so the only thing in your pocket is the keys you actually need.

Great for the guys, the KeyFlip is great for those who are trying to streamline the number of items they leave the house with on a daily basis. Instead of a wallet, phone and massive set of keys, the KeyFlip downsizes the largest pocket inhabiter with pure synergized goodness.