Kevin Van Aelst Combines Random Objects with CSI

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: kevinvanaelst & juxtapoz
Kevin Van Aelst’s fingerprint art series looks as if a giant had put his hand in a variety of sticky materiasl and proceeded to touch everything in site. The Connecticut-based artist has a talent for taking materials and turning them into quirky and compelling pieces of art.

To some, the contents of a kitty litter box have one purpose (to get to the garbage as possible), but Kevin Van Aeslst sees potential in everything. The precise and time-consuming endeavor that is required to create the over-sized fingerprints is nothing short of impressive.

The material used for each fingerprint plays a part in describing the narrative behind the work. The mustard version recalls parents who warn against playing with food while the typewriter fingerprint is evocative of hours on end trying to pump out a paper.