This MosquitNo Product is a Solution to Keep Bugs Away from Tables

 - Mar 1, 2016
While it can be effective to be covered in a chemical insect repellent, sometimes this solution to keep bugs away isn't very appealing to those who just want to enjoy a nice meal outdoors. Off-putting scents can be unappetizing and heavy formulas leave people wondering if it's even safe to eat with their fingers.

As an alternative to insect repellent products that are applied topically, MosquitNo developed these Tablecloth Hangers. These lemon-shaped products can eb popped open so that a small citronella sponge can be placed inside. Over the course of about two months, this scent works to deter insects with a natural odor.

The Tablecloth Hangers can be clipped onto a number of surfaces on balconies, gardens, picnic tables, or other places where bug protection is desired.