These Kathrin Kuhn Artworks Reference Retro Glamour

 - Nov 21, 2013
References: trendland & trendland
These beautifully collaged art works by Kathrin Kuhn are constructed out of various image fragments. These cut-out piece are fused together to create the visually vivid compositions.

Displaying an incredible amount of detail, this gorgeous portrait series depicts dreamy and surrealist inspired interiors that are inhabited by a slew of fashionably dressed subjects. The talented artist moulds her compositions using a variety of cut-out images that range from a collection of compiled facial features to unique furnishings and vibrant wallpaper patterns.

Kathrin Kuhn's colorful final products are a nod to retro glamour that is referenced through the artist's subjects' vintage wardrobe and interior design details. This decorative portrait series plays with a viewer's perception, stunning one with its hidden and incredibly intricate details.