Karen Grainger Combines Photography and Sculpture in 'Re: Landscape'

 - Feb 20, 2010   Updated: May 31 2011
References: jotta & mocoloco
Artist Karen Grainger is a talented photographer who has utilized sculptural techniques to enhance her landscape and portrait photography. In her new exhibit, 'Re: Landscape,' each piece is subtly enhanced using sculptural elements.

In one piece, a desert vista is displayed on a canvas that angles downward toward the viewer. By adding three-dimensional elements to her photography, Karen Grainger brings life to still photography.

Implications - Two-dimensional photographs that appear three-dimensional and are almost hyperreal are everywhere! This element of realism is unique and makes the viewer feel they are a part of the artwork, an invaluable artistic ingredient to both artists, art buyers, collectors and galleries. The demand for these detailed photographs and artworks is growing, and there is a diverse body of artistic genres that are adapting to this pattern.