Kanera 1 E Washbasin

 - Dec 15, 2007   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: kanera.de
Simply silky. There is no better way to describe the flowing surface of the Kanera 1 E wash basins. Like silk, these invite you to sweep your fingers across the surface.

The liquid form is perfect for it's intended use. Made for support, fitted or wall mount, there is drama when eyes first fall on this pleasing fixture.

Implications - Rusticity still has its place, but the modern folk are leaning towards sleeker looks when it comes to decor. In an ever-growing society, the futuristic-looking home implies social status considering all the money spent on remodeling with designer items. Aerodynamic designs are starting to become a popular choice due to its appeal and the fact that it makes homes look more inviting.