The Kaluga Sauna is an Eco-Friendly Swimming Spa

 - Jan 28, 2011   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: rintalaeggertsson &
The Kaluga Sauna is an unusually awesome combination of two traditionally seperate ideas: saunas and major waterways.

Designed and built by Rintala Eggertsson Architects, the Kaluga Sauna is one of several buildings sent floating down the Urga River as a part of the Festival of Landscape Objects. The Kaluga Sauna even features a living tree on its roof and is now located in the village of Nikola-Lenivets as an architectural exhibit for locals to enjoy.

Implications - At the core of the sauna is the connection between nature and humans. The relaxing environment is a great platform for participants to appreciate the inherent value of nature as an environment conducive to the elimination of stress.