Kristen Beddard Brings the Romance of the Kale Green to France

 - Feb 25, 2014
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'Le Kale Project' is one that aims to introduce the kale green vegetable to France. Kristen Beddard grew up eating kale in the US, but when she moved to Paris, she found that the vegetable seemed relatively new to the country, so much so, that most French people wouldn't be able to identify it by name if they were shown a picture of it.

Even though France has markets that are plentiful with fresh produce, it was incredibly difficult for Beddard to locate it. So, she took to the Internet to see if others were also searching for kale in France. Sure enough, she wasn't the only one.

By getting the word out about kale, Beddard managed to make help the vegetable become more mainstream in markets, restaurants and kitchens in France.