Kaila Hart for Fashion Gone Rogue Shoot Blends Playful Shots

You don't need to be a kid to sit on a swing and dream away, and nothing explains this better than the Kaila Hart for Fashion Gone Rogue series.

The series presents the contagious smiling chuckles of model Kaila Hart, as she enjoys a sun-drenched day at the apartment. The series gets Kaila in a playful, happy-go-lucky spirit as she prances around a swing built inside the house. Aptly titled 'A Matter of Hart', the shoot features Kaila Hart donning an innocent look with a jaunty hat, free-flowing skirt and sky-blue tops. Captured by David K. Shields, the shoot exudes a stress-free and bubbly aura, further enhanced by Kaila's contagious smile.

Sporting light-weight designer collections like 3.1. Phillip Lim, Emmanuel Zegna, Bulgari and Comme Des Garçons, Kaila Hart looks stunning.