The Kacha Digital Camera is a Window to the Subject Before You

 - Mar 14, 2013
References: & yankodesign
If you were to do away with all the complex parts that thicken your typical point-and-shoot device between the lens and the display, you might end up with something resembling the Kacha Digital Camera. This innovative gadget is a remarkable reduction of the modern picture-taker that's a great deal more intuitive to use.

Essentially, you've got an adjustable frame that can capture scenes of standard photograph proportions as well as panoramic shots. Simply slide the two halves apart and the viewfinder will widen. Hold it up, look through the window and the cutting-edge camera will save the image that you see.

As if this wonderfully straightforward Kacha Digital Camera wasn't impressive enough, the Lite-On Technology Corp. product also boasts the ability to charge its battery with the energy generated by the agitations inside your pocket.

Photo Credit: Lite-On Award