The Justin Guthrie Series Features Lonely Places

 - Jan 29, 2012
References: cargocollective & holyghostzine
The Justin Guthrie series 'Modern Petroglyphs' is a wickedly intelligent minimalist perspective on graffiti.

The title ‘Modern Petroglyphs’ gives the intensely minimalist series an intellectually engaging edge. Petroglyphs are rock engravings from ancient cultures, similar to cave paintings. The artist makes a boldly complex statement on the use of graffiti and its societal implications. As read on his site, the artist says of the graffiti covered boulders, "In a thousand years, this won’t be looked down on, it will be studied." The photographs have a simple composition and are slightly over-exposed, but the result is still effective.

With his skater friends in tow and camera in hand, Justin Guthrie is moving forward in the creative world.