The Just Mobile Gum++ Provides Power When an Outlet Isn't in Reach

When a mobile device runs out of juice, it can quickly turn it into a useless paperweight, but keeping the Just Mobile Gum++ on hand can ensure that this conundrum is a thing of the past. Packing a powerful 6000mAh battery, the Just Mobile Gum++ can provide electricity to keep just about any device working throughout long days.

After charging the Just Mobile Gum++ through the USB port of a laptop or desktop, the device is ready to roll and features a USB of it's to offer a steady power supply. To put the Just Mobile Gum in perspective, the tiny yet mighty device can recharge a smartphone up to three times and provide almost an entire charge for tablets (depending on the model).

Small enough to hold in one hand and making an unobtrusive addition to your backpack, the Just Mobile Gum++ can provide essential power when the day runs long and the demand for productivity runs high.