A Tumblr User Embroiders Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: pardalote.tumblr & neatorama
A Tumblr user by the name of pardalote has embroidered a wonderful piece which is meant to represent Jupiter's Great Red Spot.

For those who missed that class in elementary school, the spot of topic is a massive storm that has been raging for hundreds of years on Jupiter. This iconic storm would literally tear Earth apart if something to its effect were to happen here – mostly because it is about the size of three Earths.

The piece is very well done with fine details of the planetary tempest featuring reds, oranges and light bluish-grays. Placing an actual photograph of the phenomenon next to this work will affirm just how accurate the threading is. With eye-pleasing wavy linear sections and the circular eye of the storm itself, it is an impressive representation.