Junk and Containers Create Crazy Critter Trophies

Carolien Adriaanche was inspired to create her wall-mounted trophy animals and animal sculptures after visiting a natural history museum. They just make me laugh! Adriaanche’s choice of repurposed objects as the basis of her constructions stems from her belief that we are too often removed from art. By using the discards of daily life, like detergent bottles, wire, bottle caps, and other throw-aways, we are at once familiar with the material but surprised by its form. Both the Hunting Trophies and Animals sculptures are intended to make you smile and to make you think.

Adriaanche infuses her creatures with joy and whimsy, but her approach is completely serious. The irony of the juxtaposition between material and subject is intentional. This Dutch artist has a unique perspective that transcends language and culture. In addition to making art, she teaches workshops for both children and adults.