Josh Separzadeh Contrasts Dreary & Delightful in The Hopefull Side

 - Sep 3, 2011
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When artists choose to juxtapose two different things -- like dark and light or heaven and hell -- it can produce highly captivating results, just like Josh Separzadeh's 'The Hopefull SIde' photography. Based on the title alone, it's clear that Separzadeh has an optimistic outlook on life and yet is very realistic when it comes to the good vs. evil nature of the world.

Josh Separzadeh is based in Venice, Calif. and has a passion and talent for photo manipulation, graphic design and photography. His The Hopefull Side series truly is one of those photographic projects that keeps viewers guessing from capture to capture, as one may contain adorable children sharing balloons and the next can be a woman bathing in blood.

Implications - Companies who choose to highlight two opposing elements are likely to find that this creates eye-catching visuals, which are able to appeal to a wider target audience than if a company focused on one perspective alone. Just as this artist pairs good and evil within his photography, companies too can juxtapose elements to appear inclusive.