John Berkey Illustrates Wondrous Images of Futuristic Spacecrafts

 - Jun 7, 2012
References: johnberkey & juxtapoz
Some of the most skilled concept artists of the past century have all gravitated towards depicting science fiction scenarios, and if they continue to produce mind-blowing works like John Berkey, it’s safe to say no one will complain. Berkey himself is adept at producing images of cosmic colonies and gigantic space vehicles that resemble floating metropolises. His command over paint as a medium is so vast that he’s able to produce visuals that harmoniously blend a hi-tech look with an organic feel. Viewers are transported to new worlds whenever they gaze upon Berkey's paintings.

For those unfamiliar, John Berkey is the artist responsible for rendering the posters for the original Star Wars trilogy. In my opinion, his personal work would have been much more epic to translate onto film.