Joel Penkman Makes Tummy Grumbling Visuals

 - Aug 27, 2011
References: etsy
These dreamy depictions of confectioneries are the handiwork of fine artist Joel Penkman. The Lancashire-based artist decided this past summer to combine her love of food with her love of painting. The result is a series of cozy portraits of simple delicacies. Like the chefs whose work she immortalizes, Joel Penkman insists that everything involved be made from scratch; everything from her gresso to her paints are handmade.

Joel Penkman's work is startling, yet somehow familiar. Her lovingly rendered edible fantasies evoke a sense of soothing nostalgia. Understanding that food is intricately linked to memories and emotions, Joel Penkman presents her audience with subject matter that beckons the inner child. By playing to these unbidden emotional reactions, Joel Penkman gives her viewer the ability to directly transfer their own experiences onto her work. This type of engagement forges a much more intimate connection between audience and spectacle.

Well, Joel Penkman, you may be onto something big, because I'm feeling a seriously strong connection with that piece of Stilton.