Joe Webb Uses Mixed Media in Order to Create Bizarre Photos

 - Aug 29, 2013
References: saatchionline & emptykingdom
By utilizing multiple forms of media, Joe Webb has been able to put together a series of collages that are beautiful, and very bizarre.

Instead of using many different pictures in order to create one collaboration, Webb has decided to use a maximum of three pictures per photo. He also doesn't use any technology to make the images work together. The challenge that collages create is an exciting problem to overcome, and Webb has done an incredible job of tackling that issue.

His work is a mixture of images that would not traditionally go together. For example, he has a group of beach-goers standing directly in front of the sun, or a child drawing a lion that has just killed a zebra.

These odd pairings that Joe Webb has created is a perfect example of how art doesn't always have to make sense, and sometimes it's good when art makes you question reality.