Jody Barton & Luke Pommersheim Plaster Funny Signage Around Town

 - Feb 12, 2012
References: jodybarton & booooooom
Jody Barton & Luke Pommersheim are the devilishly funny duo behind these humorous anecdotal street posters found throughout the UK. Because of its innocuous appearance, pedestrians are likely to walk past the computer-printed notices without actually reading its text. Those fortunate enough to actually engage with its words, however, are treated to bizarre narratives about finding otherworldly gateways or becoming adoptive parents of abandoned birds. And that’s only where the zaniness begins.

These Jody Barton & Luke Pommersheim street posters actually invite its readers to participate in weird activities like backyard treasure hunts and parties involving the consumption of sugar. They all end with the address "Nansensgade 26," the words "KL. 14," which denotes the time 2:00pm, and the name JENS. The address and name are fictional, of course, but it adds a layer of authenticity to the laugh-inducing graffiti prank.