Jodie Griffiths' 'Media Coverage' Comments on Tabloid Culture

 - Aug 9, 2009   Updated: Jul 20 2011
Jodie Griffiths' 'Media Coverage' photo set is a well-executed commentary on tabloid culture and our 24/7 news cycle. Griffiths' work focuses on the theme of sanctuary using a model nearly entirely covered in newsprint.

Jodie Griffiths' 'Media Coverage' brings up a fascinating issue. How can we find respite from all of the noise generated by the media? Check out the full image set above, and see more socially-conscious features below.

Implications - If after looking through these spectacular images of oversaturated art, you find yourself yearning for more, stay tuned for more work from Jodie Griffiths. After all, in an age where media surrounds our everyday lives, it is no wonder that artwork like this, which references tabloid culture, is popular and prominent within society.