The Stella Verspertina 2011 Collection is Sparkly and Minimalist

Inspired by by the carnal wonderland that is a a cave by moonlight, Stella Verspertina by New Zealand jewellery label Meadowlark takes time-period inspiration in a new direction.

The obvious and oft overdone gothic implications are cast aside for nods and nuances of "dark" influence as varied as Byzantine design in the disk, cocktail and disc earrings, evoking sinewy, silky spider web threads in a simplistic, modern take. Stalactites and crystals are reworked in simple silver castings, for high-impact, clean-lined design.

Stella Verspertina was made famous through its range of cocktail rings, and this season the claws and wings of the bat form inspiration for the casting, each ring set with a custom cut stone. I'm loving the ever-so-apt dark garnet, which meadowlark describe as "bloody."