The Jet Limo

 - Mar 27, 2006   Updated: Jun 1 2011
References: bendbulletin & luxist
Created by Dan Harris, the Jetmousine is real, and it's street legal. At $1 million, it's slightly more expensive than an average limo, but less expensive than a jet. The first one was sold to Exotic Coach, a limo company in Chicago. It is based on a 1974 Lear jet fuselage and has a 400 horsepower engine. Booya.

Implications - Having a super sportscar or a stretch limo isn't enough to satisfy some people these days. Companies have to get creative and invent things such as the featured Jetmousine to pique the interest of consumers who want over-the-top glitz and glam. People who want to stand out from the rest of society often want to do so in a big way.