The Jet Blade Watercraft Rides Atop a Trio of Skis

 - May 15, 2015
References: & gizmag
Designers from Calvin College are working on a prototype personal watercraft, dubbed the Jet Blade, that is fitted with dope skis. This vehicle has a slightly odd shape as it rides on three skis -- two steered skis at the front that use an active tilting suspension system and one rear ski. The craft is powered by a 650 cc, 50-horsepower engine.

When the rider climbs onto the Jet Blade, the skis are underwater so you don't have a lot of control. Once you get moving however, the skis plane upwards and break through the surface until the vehicle is riding atop the water.

With its unique steering mechanism, the Jet Blade is sure to be a hit among personal watercraft enthusiasts looking for a sporty ride on the water.